Winter Flower Sonata 2012


Let¡¯s embark on a retreat to the highlands of Yala Province, to unwind and bask in the embrace of Mother Nature. Betong City is surrounded by mountain, resulting in cook climate with frequent fog in the morning. It is therefore dubbed ¡®The city in the Fog with Beautiful Flowers¡¯. Aptly, we will be staying 2nights in ¡®Winter Flower Resort¡¯ located about 15km from Betong City in the highlands, richly landscaped with plants and beautiful flowers.

Attraction around Betong
Betong City

Betong City is largely developed like any other city in Thailand. Due to its close proximity with Malaysia, there¡¯s no language barrier and need for money exchange. Bargain shipping, excellent food and a vibrant nightlife are the highlights of Betong.

Buddhahadhiwat Temple

Is located on a hilltop in Betong City center, on the ground of Vat Phuthathiwat, Thanon Rattanakit. This chedi is built in the modern Sivijaya style, covered in gold color. It is 39.9 meters high, built to commemorate the 69th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen.

Betong Hot Spring
Is situated at Ban Charo Parrai village about 5km from town. Believed to be able to cure muscle pain and minor skin irritation. Accommodation is available here.

Winter Flower Garden
We are staying right here. See for yourself!

Piyamit Tunnel
Was once the base of Malaya Communist Division 2. Now a tourist attraction. Winding through the mountain for about 1km, 50-60 ft wide with multiple entrances.

Entrance fees is not included.

Winter Flower Sonata 2012

Date: 16/3 - 18/3/2012

Event List

Welcome to Penang Expdc Club

Penang eXpdc Club


Tentative Itinerary



¡¤ 8.00am
Meet at Kulim, Butterworth Highway Shell R&R and collect goodies and event sticker, convoy will roll at 8.30am

¡¤ 10.00am
immigration procedure

¡¤ 12.30pm
arrive at Winter Flower Resort
Check in and lunch

¡¤ 6.30pm
Dinner, Karaoke & party


¡¤ 7.00am
Breakfast Lunch, truck to Piyamit Tunnel

¡¤ 11.30am
Relax at resort

¡¤ 6.30pm
Dinner, BBQ, karaoke & party


¡¤ 7.00am

¡¤ 11.00am
Check out to Betong town, Free & Easy, Break convoy

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Interested please contact :

Secretariat Office (Tel : 3326737 Fax : 3236205)

Lee Sing Foo (012 - 4089775)

Teh Teck Puang (019 - 4164567)

Tan Chaik Hong (019 - 4454262)

Price per person

Adult RM188.00 Child - RM168.00(4 - 11yrs)

Adult RM218.00 Child - RM198.00(4-11yrs)


1. 2b/fast, 2 lunches, 2 dinners & 1 BBQ - sweet potatoes, corn, banana

2. Truck to Piyamit Tunnel

3. Free beer

4. Karaoke

5. Expdc T-Shirt

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