eXpdc Xmas eXcapade 2010


Dear Members & friends,

Time flies, its coming to the end of 2010 and its time to celebrate Christmas and a brand new year.

We take pleasure in organizing this year end trip for all Penang eXpdc members and friends. So come join in our expedition to Chumphon C the golden place for eco-tourism. Be enchanted by its magnificent coral beaches and islands, superb scenic views, caves, mountains, mangroves and the pristine Mu Ko Chumphon National Park.


We will be staying in the 4-star rating Chumphon Novotel Golf & Spa Resort C the best in Chumphon for 3 nites. For the golfers, brace yourself for the challenging 9 hole course. An all out bashing Christmas Eve Dinner & Party with free flowing beer in the usual eXpdc fashion will be held on 24th Dec, 2010 (2nd nite) in the hotel. So let your hair down!


We will be at Suratthani city on 26th & 27th Dec, 2010, Here you can do all the shopping you want, try out the delicious Thai cuisines , visit night market and do as everyone usually do in a Thai city.


Places of attraction in Chumphon

A few kilometer form Novotel, on Hat Sai Ri beach, lies this famous historical site. A battleship from WW2 is preserved as a monument honouring the great Admiral of the Thai Navy. From the shrine on a hill top panoramic view of the various islands in the sea can be view.


Thung Makham Bay (Ao Thung Makham)

This scenic bay area is about 10km long consisting Thung Makham nok and Thung Makham Nai Bays. They are half circle beaches, adjacent to each other separated by a line of rocks. Palm fringed, fine powdering sand and dotted islands make this beach a sight to behold. All cameras out!

By the south end is Wat Pong Pang. At the back of the Wat facing the sea, is a long cliff of more than 80 metre.


Pha Daeng Beach

2kg from Novotel, this beach has a 10 metre cliff which has been eroded by wind and rain and has turned to the shape of curved bridge. It is also one of the best sites to view the sea. Superb for photography and relaxation.


Hat Sai Ri Beach

Various accommodations road side stall and seafood restaurants are available. This scenic beach is very popular with the locals.


Mu Ko Chumphon National Park

This National Park covers an area of 79,250 acres consisting beaches, island, mountains and mangroves.

At the Park Head Quarters is the Tourist Information Center where wooden bridge walkways are constructed for nature study of plants and animals. Visitors can travel by kayaks or boats around the park and can partake in planting mangroves saplings. There is also a jetty for visitors to hire boats to the out lying islands in the National Park.

A view point of the National Park is located on a mountain top accessible by tarmac opposite the entrance of the park H.Q.


Si Surat C Khao Tapet C Suratthani

A famous landmark and you can view the whole Suratthani city from the mountain top. A Wat and Pagoda with a Buddhas relic is located here too.


As in past events, the organizing committee will strive to do their best to make this event truly enjoyable and memorable for everyone. We have sent a Reece team out to do the necessary preparation and the Club Secretariat is constantly working on details to iron out any hiccups that we may encounter to make this event as smooth as possible.


If all this is of interest to you, why wait? Sign up early to avoid disappointment as this fantastic trip is limited to rooms availability and we operate from first come first serve basis.

Closing date: 30.11.2010

eXpdc Xmas eXcapade 2010

Date: 23-28/12/2010

Event List

Welcome to Penang Expdc Club

Penang eXpdc Club

eXpdc Xmas eXcapade 2010

Expedition Leader

Casey Au Kai Chua

(9W2 CAU)

012 - 489 8917


Event Organisers

Tho Lai Teng

(9W2 CCT)

012 - 421 3298


Lee Sing Foo

(9W2 OAR)

012 - 408 9775


Boey Sook Mey

012 - 425 9775


Seow Chai Teong

(9W2 ESJ)

016 - 422 2863


Event Safety Officer

Daren Jenner

(Delta Juliet)

012 - 487 3400


Club Secretariat Office

Tel:        04 - 332 6737

Fax:       04 -  323 6205

E-mail: info@expdc.com



Penang EXpdc Kelab


For more info, contact any eXpdc Committee or visit www.expdc.com

Tentative Itinerary


All participants are to assemble at Gurun R&R at 7.00AM.
Proceed to Changloon for fuel & money changing
To border for Immigration procedures
Assemble at KPK HOTEL MAIN ROAD at 9.00AM (Thai time) for convoy to roll off
E.T.A. Chumphon Novotel around 5 pm. Dinner at hotel.


Beach tour & Prince of Chumphon shrine. Free and easy until Grand Christmas Eve Dinner/Party at 6.30 pm.Option-Golf.


Mu Ko Chumphon National Park(kayak-free. Island tour by boat at own Expenses)
Option-own exploration or visit Chumphon city. Own lunch and dinner.


Convoy departs Novotel-visit Mr Dum Orchard & Toilets (toilets of many designs-ONE&ONLY in Thailand). Lunch on own @ Co-op, Suratthani. E.T.A 3pm, Wang Tai Hotel.
Dinner at Lampoo Seafood Restaurant.


Visit Si Surat Khao Tapet. Free&easy - go shopping, massage, night market, etc.


Convoy departs back to Penang. Bye bye. See you again.

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