eXpdc Anniversary Bash in Cameron Highland


Dear Members,

Due to your overwhelming supports and contribution to the success of Penang eXpdc Club for the past one year, we will be organizing a camping/bungalow stay trip to Cameron Highland F.O.C. for you and your immediate family. There will be no specific programs for this trip, just a get together and celebrating our friendship as eXpdc members.


A. Things to bring

I. Own food  - bring a bit more to share potluck!

II. Drinking water

III. Warm clothing

IV. Camping equipments & cooking utensils

V. For drinkers - beers, stout, whiskey¡­.etc, bring more your share!



Rental of utensil / cooking gas @ RM25/day. 

(pots, pans, plates, forks, spoons, etc.)


B. Registration

First come first serve basis

I. Bungalow stay (limit for availability of space

II. Camping (limit to campsite space)

III. (Toilet facility for campers.)


Time/Meeting Place: 8.30am 10 july 2010 @ Juru R&R Shell Station


Interested, please contact:

Secretariat Office: 04 - 3326737



In an effort for us to provide faster and efficient communication between members, please kindly update us your email address by sending to info@expdc.com and caseyau@expdc.com. You will be receiving club activities and event updates via emails in the future.

Time/Meeting Place:


8.30am 10 july 2010


Juru R&R Shell Station

eXpdc Anniversary Bash in Cameron Highland

Date: 10/7/2010

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