Phuket Fantasy 2010

Trip to Fantasy Island


Does a real ¡®Fantasy Island¡¯ actually exist? On Saturday 5th June, 29 cars and 125 people flagged off from HatYai in Thailand to answer that question. The day before, on Friday, cars arrived throughout the day at the Golden Crown Plaza hotel, in the middle of downtown and the shopping district. Some ate, some drank, and some shopped while preparing for the journey the next day.


The convoy was led by the capable Tan Hooi Teik, a very experienced adventure and expedition driver, using a carefully planned route. Your committee members Johnny Seow, Lee Sing Foo (Alpha Romeo), Casey Au (Alpha Kilo), Alvin Chuah (Papa Kilo), and Tho Lai Teng (Charlie Charlie) looked after the members and kept everything on track, with Daren Jenner (Delta Juliet) sweeping up the back and acting as Medic. We weaved our way carefully through the highways and byways of Southern Thailand. Proceeding North up the Thai Peninsula past Songkhla, we soon began to see the beautiful limestone cliffs and mountains of that area. After lunch we headed in a more westerly direction, towards the famous and beautiful PhangNga bay.


As the convoy approached the Sarasin bridge, which crosses over onto the Island of Phuket, we enjoyed the fantastic dual views of PhangNga Bay to the left, and the Andaman Sea to the right. The water was turquoise and beautiful. Then, we wound our way South to the Andaman Beach Suites Hotel on Patong Beach. After a rain delay day (most went shopping), we headed off the next day on our tour of the Island, stopping at Kata and Karon Beaches and the Promthep Cape at the Southwestern edge of the Island. At Promthep, we felt the cool sea breeze on our faces as we watched the windswept waves wash over the rocks of the cape. It was an incredible site. Next, we visited the Big Buddha of Phuket, a temple, and then drove down to the seaside where we enjoyed a fantastic Thai Seafood lunch together. For those who are more adventurous, they drove among their family and friends exploring the beautiful island.


Later that night, we had our own private dinner and party with Karaoke, plentiful of food and great games for the kids and adults. The next day we were off again, and headed home. So did we really find our ¡®Fantasy Island¡¯? The real pleasure of our trips is getting together with friends, and enjoying good food and great times. And on this trip there was plenty of that.


A special welcome to our new members/participants on this trip. We hope to see you again on the next one! I want to express my appreciation also to Boey Sook Mey, who kept all the details in order for us so we could truly enjoy our ¡®Phuket Fantasy¡¯.


Daren Jenner

eXpdc Medical Officer

Phuket Fantasea

Date: 5 - 8/6/2010

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