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Happy New Year to all members and friends! Best wishes for 2010. How time flies and it's now the last year of the first decade of this century!


Reeling from the high of our 13 days expedition to Isaan or I-san (North East part of Thailand), tired but rejuvenated, it's back to the grind now. Moment........ which make me reflect on the past 10 months of our young Penang eXpdc Club.


With the perseverance of our Club Secretary, Casey Au we manage to obtain approval from the Registrar of Society in a short 3 months from date of submission. This shows his passion and commitment towards the club and with his I.T ability, we have a very capable person in administrating the club. Along with our Assistant Secretary Boey Sook Mey who single handedly runs the Secretariat side and our careful Treasurer Johnny Seow who take care of the club's finance. The input of Deputy President Alvin Chuah (Expedition Leader for Isaan) and the vast experience of veteran Committee Members like Tho Lai Teng, Tan Hooi Teik and Eric Kuan together with fresh ideas from Lim Thiem Keat and Christine Lee who are also Committee Members, I could proudly say we have a team of very dedicated people. I believe we are on the right track in carrying the club further.


We are also proud to announce that Darren Jenner a former Paramedic, Fire and Rescue officer from California has been appointed to the committee as Medical Officer. Darren, who without wasting much time jumped into the fray as Event Organizer in the just concluded "Charm of Isaan" event. What enthusiasm!


To recap we had organized the following events to date for the enjoyment of our members.

1. Ko Lanta trip - 30th Apr. - 3rd May 2009

This was an informal trip where every one of us just pays our own bill. We managed to get very attractive rate from the Twin Lotus Resort & Spa and the set up in this resort is first class. Meant to be a private trip with just me and a few friends but somehow the news spread fast and we ended up with 20 cars and approx. 80 pax! In midst of the enchanting scenery of this beautiful island and from the support and encouragement of our close friends from our old club, spurred us on to formally register Penang eXpdc Club.


2. Rendezvous in Cameron Highlands. 11th. - 12th July.

This event headed by Tan Hooi Teik, Sook Mey, me and Johnny was a charity, camping and bungalow stay trip all in one! One of the highlight of this event was the visit to the Special Children's Home in Tanah Rata where all of us donated freely in cash and kind, emphasizing our objective as a compassionate, caring and friendly motor recreational club. The rest of the time was spending eating, drinking, cooking and catching up with each other in the midst of the cool and crisp air..... and boy, the potluck could last for a week!


3. Penang eXpdc Club Gathering - 23rd Aug. 2009.

The towkays of BM Country club Cowboy¡¯s Place who are also eXpdc members were kind enough to lend us their place. This is an occasion where members and friends get together for the official opening of Penang eXpdc Club and the launching of the Club's website. With the Club sponsoring free flowing food and drink, most let them let their hair down and party till late night. More than 30 pax. signed up as members on that night!


4. Gems of Cha-Am - 17th Sept. to 23rd Sept. 2009

This is Penang eXpdc Club's maiden overland expedition trip to Thailand. 32 cars and about 120 participants waiting in anticipation, the sea of black T-shirts, and the jovial mood at our flag off from our sponsor's office in Wisma EMC (Mobil) were prelude for an exciting time.

Our timing, co-ordination, arrangement and programs were spot on. Judging from the many happy faces and gratitude shown, I would conclude that this is a very successful event. Darren's write up on this event as a participant sums it up all.


5. Charm of Isaan - 17th Dec. - 30th Dec. 2009

Due to the border conflict and subsequent advice from our sponsor, we decided to postpone the Cambodia event to a later date and go to Isaan, the Northeast of Thailand which shared some similar culture and attractions with Cambodia. With just 3 weeks to work on, despite the short notice and long duration of this trip, we managed to assemble 15 vehicle and 60 participants to cruise to this often unseen part of Thailand. A job well done for the organizing team of Alvin (Expedition Leader), Darren (Event Organizer), Sook Mey (Secretariat), Casey, Eric (Event Treasurer) and myself. The exciting faces of the teenagers and the contented smiles of the adults throughout the 13 days convinced us that are no major hiccups.


As I am writing this article, we are planning for the 2010 event calendar and the club's coming first AGM in March. So stay tune for some interesting times in the coming months! Please look up on the website or wait for the postman for further notification.

As nominated President, I am honored and humbled by the support, encouragement and co-operation given to me by my colleagues in the committee and the very flexible and boisterous members, numbered about 60 now. A few even offered monetary support which we politely declined. My enthusiasm is growing day by day!

I envisage a bright future for the club. A club one is proud to be associated with filled with passionate people and one big happy family.

To all our esteemed Penang eXpdc Club members, best wishes for all your undertakings, good health and may 2010 bring much success and rewards to you.


I am looking forward in excitement to meet up with you guys, gals and kids again in our next event.

Finally as the saying goes......don't worry, be happy, one life, live it to the fullest!



Lee Sing Foo a.k.a Alpharomeo

President, Penang eXpdc Club

January 2010  

Happy New Year !
Best wishes for 2010.

Keeping up - 2010

Date: 10/01/2009

We are planning for the 2010 event calendar and the club's coming first AGM in March. So stay tune for some interesting times in the coming months!

¡°Happy New Year to all members and friends! Best wishes for 2010.¡±

From Lee Sing Foo a.k.a Alpharomeo

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