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Gems of Cha Am

¡®The Real Treasure¡¯

As the sun peeked over the horizon in Penang, 32 cars were quietly weaving their way to Wisma EMC, where 140 people would gather in anticipation of a 6 day trip to paradise. As the cars began to assemble, the air was thick with excitement. What would Cha Am be like? Were there really Gems in Cha Am? Would any of us find these Gems?


After a quick briefing by our Secretary, Mr Casey Au, the 32 cars lined up in order and were flag off by Eric Kuan. Soon, we were crossing the border into the land of smiles, and on our way to a delicious dinner with our fellow club members at the Twin Lotus Hotel in Nakhon Si Thammarat. The Twin Lotus is famous throughout South Thailand for its high quality, fresh, and delicious seafood.


The atmosphere at the dinner was wonderful, with old friends catching up, and new ones being made. Was it really possible that this was EXPDC¡¯s first real expedition? Hard to believe looking around at all the happy people enjoying the food and good company. The relaxed atmosphere and good food was just a beginning of the great time that lies ahead.


Bright and early the next morning, the convoy was off and heading steadily to our destination. Under the watchful eyes of  ¡®Alpha Romeo¡¯ (Lee Sing Foo), ¡®Papa Kilo¡¯ (Alvin Chuah), Alpha Kilo (Casey Au), Boey Sook Mey, Charlie Charlie (Tho Lai Teng), Lim Thiem Keat, Johnny Seow, ¡®Juliet Juliet¡¯ (Christine Lee), and Delta Juliet (Daren Jenner), the convoy proceeded smoothly and safely over the highways and byways of the luxuriously green countryside and beautiful limestone cliffs. The CB radio crackled with driving tips and safety messages of all sorts. The entire convoy was always looked after, and the attitude was all for one, and one for all.


On arrival at Cha Am, the club proceeded to Chomview Seafood Restaurant right on the beach, where a pig was roasted in our honour, and accompanied the fresh and tasty seafood prepared in authentic Thai style. Now this was truly paradise.


The next morning, the group headed off to the historic Railway Station and Wat Huaymongkol temple. Cameras flashed, kids laughed, and the adults got to know each other better as we took in the wonderful smells, sights and sounds of this lovely area of Thailand. Later, we had a riverside lunch at the authentic Khung Kapong Restaurant, enjoying an incredible selection of delicious Thai food including the spicy but tasty Tom Yam soup. Then, off to the Long Beach hotel for some free and easy time.


On the last night, the group assembled in a private room at the hotel for a blow out party with games for the kids, singing by Charlie Charlie and Mr. Silky Voice, dancing, and lots of fun and contests. We sang and danced the night away until the wee hours of the morning, before turning in for the night. In the morning, we headed back towards home and had another day of beautiful sights along the way.


Did anyone find any Gems? There was a treasure chest of ¡®Gems¡¯ found as we made so many new friends, and caught up with old ones. The real ¡®Gems¡¯ were all of the EXPDC members and participants, looking after one another, and enjoying wonderful and carefree times together. This trip taught us a valuable lesson - there is no more precious and valuable Gem in this world than a true friend.


My heartfelt thanks to all those who organized and participated in this fantastic trip. I am missing all of you already.



Daren Jenner

Have you find the real treasure?


Date: 17 - 20/10/2009

¡°The real ¡®Gems¡¯ were all of the EXPDC members and participants, looking after one another, and enjoying wonderful and carefree times together. ¡°

¡°There was a treasure chest of ¡®Gems¡¯ found as we made so many new friends.¡±

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