Ao Nang C1Quest 2011


My first Encounter With EXpdc -- Ao Nang here I come!

First of all, I would like to this opportunity to thank our legal adviser, Mr. See Ewe Lin for introducing me and my wife, Irene to this Ao Nang trip. thank mate. It was surely a wonderful and enjoyable one...


The trip goodies bag which also contain a very detail instruction booklet was handed over to me by Mr. See two nights before departure.....what's friend for? All necessary information including the detail itinerary, GPS coordinates was described in the booklet. What's more would you ask for?


When we arrived in Gurun R&R at 7.00am, our team leader Mr. Darren and one Car 13 were already there, parked by the road side with illuminated markers placed in position to guide the rest in the convoy. It was really impressive!


The journey itself was already as enjoyable. Instead of the normal rush and zoom through out the whole journey in the highway, our experienced leader, make a right decision to lead us to a beautiful secondary road passing through the country side with splendid view. This really served the purpose of self-drive expedition as we were enjoying some scenery where one would not able to if traveling by normal tour buses.


I was also very impressed by the loud, clear, firm and yet friendly instruction given by the convey leader through out the journey. Safety was always the priority! Traveling speed of convoy was very well controlled. "Convoy will be rolling in 5 minutes.......", "Speedo check!", "Marker Check!", "sweeper report!", "Slow, slow...." and etc. were frequently heard through radio from convoy leader. Very considerate.......


No more 5,6,7 nor 6,7,8; No rush, no hurry, no early morning call..... ample time for breakfast and chats. How relax!


Surely, without nice and friendly companion, this trip would not have been so complete. Thank to all the convoy members. Looking forward meeting you guys in the next convoy!


p/s not forgetting, my thank and appreciation to president Mr. Lee SF and Ms Boey for all the help and assistance rendered during the trip.





Ao Nang C1Quest 2011

Date: 29/4 - 2/5/2011

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Ao Nang C1Quest 2011

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Ao Nang C1Quest 2011