Penang eXpdc Club is for people with a passion for self drive expedition to local and overland destinations, adventure and who believed in conserving the enviroment and protecting mother nature. Those who thinks that a journey is as much fun as the destination !

We are a bona fide club that is registered with the Registrar of Society formed to team up people with such common interest.


Objective and Vision

กค To build closer friendship and camaraderie amongst fellow members.

กค To promote Malaysia as a prime tourism destination to the people of the countries that we visit and fostering closer relationships.

กค To enhance family bonding and spending quality time together.

กค To be known as a motor recreational club that is compassionate and willing to help the less fortunate by participating and organising charity events.

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Penang eXpdc Club

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OFF Road 4X4

Penang eXpdc Club 2012 Tentative Event Calendar


Charity with Rotary Club


MARCH 16 - 18

Winter Flower Sonata, Betong



3rd AGM



5D/4N Khao Lak / Gui Lin



Cameron Highland IV



10D/9N Pattaya

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Rules & Regulations  2010 (Rev 2)

Undang-Undang 2010 (Rev 2)

2011 AGM Report Download