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OFF Road 4X4

Pos Kapit 4x4 Adventure


Although we don't call ourselves a 4x4 club, our roots begin from one. There are quite a number of 4x4 enthusiast in our club, myself included, who would once awhile get the urge to go 'bushing'. To camp out in the jungle for a night by a pristine river, a beer in hand, BBQ, bathing in the crystal clear water and enjoying the company of friends all in the cuddle of mother nature........ ah...!!


A thousand apologies to our fellow club members for not making this an official trip as we are unsure of the condition of the track, campsite and even the location of this place and it turned out rightly, this is not a trip for the novice. Enroute to the campsite via a orang asli kampung we have to negotiate some ruts and gully, drove across a rocky river and tackled a few slippery terrain -  testing our off-road skills. As none of our 3 vehicle were equip with winch or even mud tires we have to thread very carefully, any mistake means a 10km walk to civilization!


The blokes in this adventure trip consist of yours truly, Alpha Kilo (Casey Au), Delta Juliet (Daren Jenner) and our 4x4 scout team - Forest 4x4 Adventure Team - of Ah Kit, Ah Yoong, Ah Wong and Ah Yik. The 4wd vehicles used are a Toyota Prado (Alpha Romeo), Toyota Tundra (Delta Juliet) and Ford Ranger (Ah Wong).    


Rating & Verdict


A '¡¯have it all'¡¯ trip for a light 4x4 off-road adventurer. Good camping equipments and well prepared with plenty of food, drinks (beer & stout), BBQ, Delta Juliet's Smores! and Ah Wong's cooking.




Small river cascaded from a 10 min. Walk waterfall. Water is crystal clear, drinkable and pristine. Elevation is only 65m - not cool, no mosquitoes and bees, Small campsite that can only accomodate maximum 7-8 cars.


Off road track


Medium to light very much depending on the weather.




A friendly orang asli ex commando by the name of Pak Bah of the Senoi tribe who tracj 6 km to our campsite twice to make sure that we are o.k and not consumed by a ¡¯Maybank¡¯ ! We also share our food and drinks with him.


Visit our gallery below for more details.


Reported by

Lee Sing Foo 9W2OAR. (Alpha Romeo)